eCalc - xcopterDesigner - maximize your drive

The xcopterDesigner of visualizes your copter design and helps to evaluate the bigges propeller for a full symetric frame. For best efficiency maximize the disc area and use the biggest propeller. However always respect the physical limitation of your actual frame regarding propeller-to-propeller and propeller-to-hub clearance.
The framesize is the diameter between opposite motor shafts (with even number of rotors).
Number of Rotors    
Framesize:   mm  
Propeller Diameter:   inch max. 9 inch
Disc area:   9 cm²  
Propeller clearance:   9 mm   
max. Hub Diameter []:   9 mm (for actual prop diameter)
max. Hub Diameter [●]:   9 mm (for max prop diameter)
Copter Diameter:   9 mm  

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Version 1.02