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Urs Leodolter - LEOMOTION & World Champion F5B 2000/2002

Being part of this successful idea of a reliable online calculator makes me proud. I gave Markus the input a decade ago to start his work with eCalc. Today I'm using it for all rc setups for me and for the customers. The results in real rc planes do match just perfect! The best address on the web (aside Leomotion.com) to get your guessed drive values answered!
Urs Leodolter, CEO Leomotion.com - World Champion F5B 2000/2002, European Champion F5B 1995/1999

Rainer Hacker, Hacker Motor GmbH

This new web interface provides fast and accurate drive confgurations for your r/c model. eCalc supports all Hacker propulsion  systems. But also user-defned entries are supported. The input  via pull-down menus is very user-friendly and clearly designed.  Best is to try it out right away. In seconds the system will lead  you to an appropriate selection and at the same time calculate  the electrical parameters.
Mit diesem neuen Webinterface finden Sie schnell und präzi-se eine optimale Antriebskonfguration für Ihr Modell. eCalc unterstützt sämtliche Hacker-Antriebssysteme. Aber auch benutzerdefnierte Eingaben sind möglich. Dabei ist die Eingabe über Pulldown-Menüs besonders anwenderfreund-lich und übersichtlich gestaltet. Probieren Sie es am besten gleich einmal aus. Sekundenschnell und kinderleicht führt Sie das System zu einer für Sie passenden Auswahl und errechnet auch gleich noch die elektrischen Parameter.
Rainer Hacker, CEO Hacker Motor GmbH

F5B and F5D Swiss National Team

F5B and F5D planes have to perform not only at the highest power level but also with the highest possible efficiency. Any energy wasted results in less useful power or reduced runtime. eClac helps us to test new setups, motor/gear/propeller/battery configurations in a comprehensive way and explore «risky» configurations without danger.
Marco and Lucas Cantoni member of Swiss National Team F5B and F5D - using eCalc to design there competition setups

Dirk Klotter, MFI - Modellflug International 3/2019 - 2/4/19

Im MFI-Workshop stellt Daniel Klüh das Berechnungsprogramm eCalc vor. Mit diesem Online-Tool lassen sich für eine kleine Gebühr Antriebsempfehlungen ausgeben, als auch angedachte Setups berechnen und gibt dem Piloten somit eine Möglichkeit zur Beurteilung seiner Wunschkomponenten. Die Grundlage bildet unter anderem eine Datenbank mit sage und schreibe weit über 9000 hinterlegten Motoren. Und sollte sich der eigene Wunsch-Motor nicht in der Datenbank befinden, kann man die Daten auch manuell eintragen. Der Online-Rechner ist damit ein unentbehrliches Werkzeug bei der Auswahl und Optimierung der Antriebsauslegung.

Editorial MFI 3/2019

Drone Industrie Insight 2018 - 1/22/18

eCalc is selected by Drone Industrie Indight to be on the “Drone Market Environment Map 2018 . The map creates transparency for an incredibly vivid and fast moving market.This represents eCalc's leading role in the market as a DRONE MARKET PROFESSIONAL and droneii.com provides the "DMP 2018" to eCalc.
source: www.droneii.com

Wally S. - 6/30/2022

This program [cgCalc] will represent, in my current opinion, the most scientifically accurate CG locator available to modelers.”

Jeff H. - 3/29/2022

your tool rocks!

Mark L. - 9/15/2021

I just ran a sim for an old foamie I'm converting for floatplane use. Uses an APC "E" Prop and a Turnigy sk3 3536 motor. The calculated current, RPM and thrust were within 5% of measured values. I love you guys!

Helmut R. - 2/10/2020

Danke für deine großartige Seite, die für EV Fahrer keine Fragen offen läßt..

scirocco, RC Groups - 1/3/2020

When recommending ECalc I compare the subscription to a single wrong prop purchase per year.

Ralf Greiser - 1/17/19

Euer eCalc ist nach wie vor konkurrenzlos gut!

Andrew Ross - 2/12/18

Thanks so much Markus, I can't wait to try the new version! You must be the most responsive software service developer ever :)

u2builder - 22/11/18

Ecalc is a useful and accurate tool for exploring motor, prop, battery, options as they effect speed, and efficiency (flight times).

CapnBry - 24/9/18

I love propCalc! It was instrumental in me learning how motor sizes, prop sizes, battery Size, thrust, and speed all interact with each other. Totally worth the incredibly modest subscription fee, thank you for creating it.

Fred Hartnett - 10/7/17

thanks again for providing this great tool. It’s so much better than field trial and error.

Stuart Cummings - 10/6/18

Thanks. What a great site - a friend recommended it just today. Love it already...

Fred Hartnett - 10/7/17

thanks again for providing this great tool. It’s so much better than field trial and error.

Mike Smith - 7/5/17

Thanks, great - makes my life way easier!

Keith (Kman24) - 3/3/17

I www.ecalc.ch all my power systems first and it has never failed me. I may have to fine tune something a bit afterwards, but it is so handy for "figuring out" power systems before buying anything. It saves me lots of money over time

Andrew Ross - 1/22/17

...and thanks for maintaining eCalc - it's an excellent resource.

Jeff Bean - 12/6/17

cgCalc: The ability to see the shape of your wing and stabilizer planform is very cool. It helps catch errors in measurement or input.

Bob Parks - 11/29/16

I am really glad that you are doing this [cgCalc]. It has always bothered me about all the "how to find the CG" methods in magazines and online, most of which are OK for some airplane that is a totally standard aft tail airplane with TVC the same as everything else and a small fuselage... but fail horribly as soon as you do something even the least bit different.
You already have something way better than anything else I have seen online.

Rex - 11/23/16

That is so cool. What a time to be a modeler! We can get with 5% of what basically unlimited money and the smartest people in the world can do. For a buck. Thanks eCalc!

Douglas - 11/17/16

If you want flight time splruge for an account on ecalc.ch which is an awesome site and worth the paid subscription. Incredible resource. Prop pitch, diameter, make and blade number make a significant difference in flight time, and you could get the same performance with very different props but worse flight time with one of them because of poor efficiency, like not enough or too much pitch creating propeller stalling for static thrust. Using ecalc is a good alternative to spending time and money on a zillion props and watt and thrust measuring on that ground, unless that activity floats your boat.

Franz Leinauer - 08/03/16

Super Service, für mich das beste Programm für den ernsthaften E-Flieger.

Paul Naton - 05/31/16

As a producer of professional instructional videos for R/C glider pilots, I use eCalc extensively to evaluate motor system combinations to precisely match the performance requirements needed for the projects and how-to building videos I make. Many of our customers are coming from pure sailplanes into electrics, and they have difficulty understanding the technology and power systems required to make their e-gliders light yet still have fast climb performance. eCalc has evolved into such a useful learning tool that I now teach tutorials on how to use the program in my Electric Sailplane training video series so pilots can learn on their own how to optimize climb performance and efficiency. I highly recommend my students spend an evening with eCalc experimenting with different propellor and motor combinations so they can begin to understand how important picking the right prop and motor size is in achieving the needed performance without over-stressing the components.
Paul Naton, Radio Carbon Art Productions, Training Videos for The R/C Glider Pilot

D. Russ - 05/25/16

Done the eCalc thing and it's a brilliant program...well worth the tiny price.

Arial Adventure Blog - 20/09/16

Very popular calculator tool for estimating electric power systems, exceptionally useful.

Andrew Ross - 05/09/16

Thanks for a very useful tool. As an electronic engineer I appreciate the effort it must have taken to create such a useful tool and to maintain such a comprehensive database of component data.

Paul Holterhaus - 05/06/16

Just to let you know, your eCalc chart is one of the all time most usefull tools I have ever found. Totally wonderful for comparing Motors/Props. I use it very often and can not even imagine not having it.

Bob Hunt - 12/24/15

All my planes are electric, now, and I have to give a lot of credit to Markus Meuller's «eCalc» for helping me select the right motor/prop/battery/esc combinations.

Jonathan Smith - 12/15/15

eCalc is a great tool for sizing up props and motor combinations.

Jeffrey T. Sandford - 10/27/15

This is the best tool for running setup F5J, Motor and Propeller calculations out there. Markus has done a wonderful job making the interface easy to use too...

John M. Glover - 8/31/15

Two things you probably would like to know- how much weight can it carry and how long can it fly? To figure this out there is an easy way and a hard way. To calculate the motor and prop matching and overall weight of the quadcopter; the easy way is to use the eCalc.ch calculators to virtually build your whole system.
John M. Glover, Author of Drone University

Joe Kwok - 8/15/15

As a professional modeler, I have to say that eCalc is the only simplistic and realistic helper out there on the internet!
Joe Kwok, Designer at Joe-Hanson Aircraft Co.

Phillip Schmidt - 6/12/15

eCalc.ch is your friend. Purchase a membership. Learn it, use it, love it. ... Read the instructions, you will learn a lot just from that.

Andriy Ivchenko - 5/28/15

THE place to avoid mistakes, learn and eventually save money! Brilliant web-app and brilliant customer support!

Will Render - 3/10/15

...loving the site!! I made so many mistakes with props. Your program really cleared this up...

Steve Croft - 12/13/14

It has saved me having to go the Hard way with Real motors, Props and batteries etc. eCalc takes away the expensive guess work..

Adam Butler - 12/13/14

Thank you for helping me setup my 2 big electric projects, A 100" Mosquito Bomber with 2 x AXI Brushless swinging 19x10 3 blade props on 10 lithium cells each and an 84" Spitfire again with an AXI brushless turning a 20 x 10 4 blade prop. Without ecalc it would have been buy lots of props and try them all, with the ecalc estimates I am very happy with my first prop purchases for both models.

Walter Söhner - 9/12/14

My top Flite giant P-47, also calculated by eCalc. The first flight was not easy because of a tail heavy model an one battery pack get weak during flight. After changing the 12S 5000 to 12S 8000 the airplane flies perfect endless power..... I also change the speakers of the sound system again, it`s not nice if the Escape sound ist more loud as the engine sound.

Steve Croft - 11/13/14

Having only just got eCalc for quads, I was pleased that I could find combinations that would give the most efficient flight characteristics and flight times. Absolutely an essential program for multi-rotor fpv pilots.