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eCalc RC Bundle
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propCalc, setupFinder,
xcopterCalc, heliCalc,
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$17.95 only iso $18.95


propCalc & setupFinderfor Airplane $9.99


xcopterCalcfor multicopters $9.99


for Helicopters
$6.99 iso $7.49

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for Ducted Fans
$6.99 statt $7.49

$3.49  iso $4.99

Center of Gravity


Weight & Balance
free so far
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free so far
for industrial applications
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  • eCalc is the one and only calculator considering dynamic effect on a propeller with airfoil shapped blades
  • access to the full and most comprehensive component database with currently parts available.
  • enjoy the additional functiunality: simulate virtually any drive by entering the specs manually, Wizard for motor/prop selection, search for motors, export your results to any spreadsheet application, save and recall or share setups as bookmarks.
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