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 news - February 25th

2/25/21 - Motor database: T-Motor AM40 Series added

2/10/21 - Motor database: Dualsky GA3500R-180 added

1/31/21 - Motor database: Leomotion L3007 F5J, XPower F2307/14 inserted

12/24/20 - Motor database: BrotherHobby Avanger V3 & Neu Motors NM1533, 1536, 1539 added

12/2/20 - Motor database: Dualsky XM22xxEG, Esprit Elite E105/20-135 3D HD, T-Motor F1303 added

11/26/20 - 10 millionst visitor - wow!

11/23/20 - chargeIndex V1.3: new detail view and core efficiency

11/18/20 - ESC database: HobbyWing updated

11/12/20 - Motor database: RCinPower GTS V2 & SmooX added

11/3/20 - evCalc: Audi e-tron GT/RS added

11/3/20 - evCalc: BYD Han and Tang added

10/31/20 - evCalc: JAC e-S2 added

10/25/20 - Battery database: Sony US18650VTC6, Molicel INR21700-P42A added

9/29/20 - Motor database: Tmotor F90, Peggy Pepper 2524, Surpass C5065, Hacker B50-S updated, MAD M30-100, BrotherHobby VY, Max

9/25/20 - 150 Millions Drive Calculation - thanks for using eCalc!

9/15/20 - Motor database: Surpass brand added

9/15/20 - Motor database: DYS SF, SHU, WEI & WU serie updated

9/15/20 - evCalc: Opel Zafira-e added

9/12/20 - evCalc: Lucid Air - Dream Edition, Grand Touring & Touring added

8/28/20 - evCalc: Lucid Air updated, Mercedes EQC 350 & Hyundai 45 added

8/24/20 - chargeIndex V1.0: first consumption based charge comparison - the only objective interbrand charge comparison

8/21/20 - Motor Database: Scorpion HK-4525-370 , Leomotion L8013-205, Flywoo 1404, Kontronik Kira updated

6/25/20 - Motor Database: Dualsky Product Alignment, Cobra 2204/40, new brands Flywoo, Apex, Spitz

6/24/20 - evCalc V 5.20: being first to consider actual wind along the route

5/13/20 - eCalc Version 7.20 - What's new?

  • new Quick Gauge Plug-in
  • xcopterCalc: Range estimate in the result column
  • heliCalc: Motot@Maximum calculation for  constant headspeed (iso max. headspeed)
If you have problems to run the new version, please proceed according the General Procedure here...

5/13/20 - evCalc Version 5.10 - What's new?

  • Recharge Time in Graph improved considering low/high SoC
  • new Quick Gauge Plug-in
  • Routing Service changed to MapBox, TomTom & GrasHopper

5/13/20 - chargeCalc Version 2.03 - What's new?

  • Service Update

1/21/20 - We are proud to welcome the 9th-millionst visit since counting back in february 2010.

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